French Language Classes for children, toddlers and babies from 0 to 12 provided by Marie-Pierre

"a happy child is a successful learner"
Studying while having fun is the key to better learning...

Children learn with their body and sense.

Vocabulary and grammatical structures are acquired without thinking, in an efficient and intuitive way.

Classes organised at Marie-Pierre's teaching place centrally located at O'Connor.

Willing to learn French Language or simply requiring support for primary school homework...

French Language Classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. There is no requirement for young children to read or write.

Creating a true family experience...
One parent or guardian is welcome to participate in the teaching sessions creating a unique family experience.
French Teacher Marie-Pierre
What I do
  1. Small Group Classes (2 to 4)
    On Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays Groups 1: less than 3 years old Groups 2: from 3 to 5 years old Groups 3: from 6 to 8 years old Groups 4: 9 years old and up
  2. Private classes
    Organised during school terms Scheduled weekdays after 3 PM Central Location in Reid (CBD), with easy access & parking
  3. School Terms - 2019
    Term 1 - 4 February to 12 April 2019 Term 2 - 29 April to 5 July 2019 Term 3 - 22 July to 27 September 2019 Term 4 -14 October to 16 December 2019
  4. Group Class Pricing
    Enrolment for up to 10 sessions (school term) $31 per hour per student $21 for half hour class per student
  5. Private class Pricing
    Enrolment for up to 10 sessions (school term) $62 per hour for up to 2 students $31 for half hour for up to 2 students
  6. Terms & Conditions
    1. Enrolment forms emailed once groups are finalised 2. Payment for the full term required before the start of the school term

Mother of J. (June 2018)
Marie-Pierre makes learning French fun for children and adults alike. Students feel supported and empowered to learn and Marie-Pierre provides a variety of different learning experiences from written exercises, to songs, games, toys and conversation. Vocabulary is re-enforced through these activities and as a result, you learn in a very relaxed way. Thank you for putting so much effort into making your classes fun Marie-Pierre.

Mother of T. (July 2018)
Marie-Pierre is an outstanding teacher; her classes are excellent, with thoughtfully chosen games, songs and activities to help the kids learn in a natural, fun way. Her teaching space is great - comfortable and welcoming for children and their parents, with colourful and interesting learning materials. Our son has really enjoyed the classes, and we have loved seeing his French language develop through Marie-Pierre’s very effective teaching method. Our son also enjoys being able to borrow a French book and DVD each week from Marie-Pierre and doing our weekly homework activity sheets and songs together as a family. I highly recommend Marie-Pierre’s classes to others.

Mother of E. (December 2018)
Marie-Pierre is a fantastic French language teacher for toddlers. My little girl and I both love her classes - the best way to describe it is like a live action 'Playschool' in French. Marie-Pierre understands how children learn and incorporate that knowledge into her teaching. She is very animated, and there are lots of songs and interactive games. Marie-Pierre is also very organised and maximises the lesson time. I highly recommend her classes!

Mother of S. (January 2019)
Marie-Pierre is having a very positive influence and impact on our son’s early education. She is a wonderful, patient and very friendly and caring teacher. Our son's interest in the French language is due to the very inspiring and engaging lessons at Piou-Piou. Our son is very fond of Marie-Pierre. Thank you so very much for your time, effort and the important work you are doing with our son.

Mother of L (May 2019)
Interactive play, small class sizes is what attracts me to the school but Marie-Pierre’s approach to teaching and interacting with little ones is what has made us return to chez Piou-Piou each term since Term 3 of 2018. I would highly recommend Chez Piou-Piou to anyone considering French classes for their little ones.


 Art & Craft Classes
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Saturday 1 June
Art & Craft: "Playdough animals "
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WEEK 5, TERM 2 of 2019 
from Monday 27 May
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21$ group session of 30mn (per student)
31$ group session of 1h (per student)
31$ private class of 30mn
62$ private class of 1h
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  1. Welcome, Piou-Piou, Eiffel Tower
    Tour Eiffel
    Piou-Piou vous souhaite la Bienvenue
  2. Transport, Car, Train, Ship, Plane, Bus
    Les transports
    La voiture roule. L'avion vole. Le bateau vogue. Le train file sur les rails. Chansons - les roues de l'autobus, bateaux sur l'eau, le petit train Livre - mon bus
  3. Birthday, Name, Age, Girl, Boy, How old
    Quel âge as-tu?
    L'enfant répond: je m'appelle ..., je suis une fille / un garçon et j'ai 1 an, 2 ans, .. Chanson - joyeux anniversaire
  4. Animals, Farm
    Les animaux de la ferme
    Les animaux de la ferme décorés par les enfants pendant les vacances scolaires Eté 2017
  5. Fishes, Colours, Opposite
    Les petits poissons
    Les couleurs, les opposés, gros / petits. Chanson: les petits poissons dans l'eau nagent, nagent.. Livre: petit posson blanc joue avec ses amis
  6. Numbers
    Apprendre à compter
    Les nombres de 1 à 20. Chanson - les 5 petits canards
  7. Reading, book, children
    Vive la lecture
    "Un enfant qui lit sera un adulte qui pense"
  8. Bingo, colours
    Le loto des couleurs
    Associer 8 bonnes couleurs au plateau = BINGO!
  9. Opposite, Colours
    Elmer l'éléphant
    Ce matin, Elmer a bu trop de lait. Aidez-le à retrouver toutes ses couleurs. Les contraires d'Elmer: grand / petit et gros / mince.
  10. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    Le train des jours de la semaine
    Chansons jours de la semaine: le facteur n'est pas passé, à la salade je suis malade, l'histoire de la semaine, lundi matin l'empereur, sa femme et le petit prince, chanson de Pierre Lozère
  11. Small, Large, Colours
    Les petits et grands oiseaux
    Les opposés, grands et petits, les couleurs, chanson: les petits oiseaux dans le ciel volent volent...
  12. Memory Game
    Jeu de mémoire
    Les couleurs et formes géométriques