• Multiple researchers and linguistics have demonstrated that a baby can learn multiple languages. Many articles are even showing that a newly born baby recognises the language of his/her parents by having previously detected several hundreds of language sounds (phonemes) that characterise it. It is also proven that the acquisition of multiple languages for babies and toddlers stimulate the development of their brain!
  • PIOU-PIOU language acquisition offering is structured with two groups. One dedicated to babies up to 18 months which is focussing on the child ability to recognise the phonemes characterising the French language. Most of the time, Marie-Pierre will be singing and talking so that the language becomes a data flow connected in the brain of the baby. The second group is focussing on toddlers up to 3 years of age. This is when basic words and sentences are learnt. At this age, a toddler can speak multiple languages equally. Very importantly, PIOU-PIOU recognises that a 30mn session per week may not be sufficient on its own. It is therefore important that parents are attending the class to extend the learning experience with their children at home.
  • Marie-Pierre has observed that most of the parents participating in the class with their babies and toddlers are also learning French very quickly which accelerate the learning acquisition process of their children.


  • Once toddlers have acquired several hundreds of words, they are in the position to start elaborating their speeches to the next level with more complex grammatical structures. This is achieved with pre-school children up to 5 or 6 years old.
  • PIOU-PIOU provides several pre-school group classes so that 3 to 6 years old can progress in their acquisition with more grammatical and speech structures. Note that at this age, children are not necessarily yet capable of reading or writing.
  • Primary school children enter the next level where they can acquire the language through multiple means including speech, reading, writing, and other methods used to teach any other subject.
  • PIOU-PIOU recognises that pre-school and primary children get attracted to a specific subject if it is provided to them through games and play with contents that include digital multi-media platforms. For example, PIOU-PIOU recommends that the learning experience is extended after the class by watching videos on You Tube, using eLearning software such as Duolingo (a free application that can execute on any device including tablets and smartphones), reading children books or eBooks.
  • Marie-Pierre is providing two primary group classes. The first one dedicated to beginner learners which is aimed at teaching French to the intermediate level and the second one dedicated to achieving a more advanced level.

Those are few examples of testimonials provided by parents in the last 6 months. Since PIOU-PIOU has only started operations in February 2017, additional feedbacks and testimonials will be provided in the near future.

April 2017
"Excellent and Effective interaction with students. Our children enjoy the fun when improving the French"
"We took Marie-Pierre's Piou-Piou class for one term now and we completely enjoyed every minute of it. It is very well designed. All the knowledge and material is tailor-made according to the children interest and capability. Through songs, games and stories, Marie-Pierre is helping build up Children's French vocabularies and knowledge of French culture. I am very glad to see my daughter learning French in an interesting, fun and challenging learning environment and I am happy to see her making progress every week. Thank you, Marie-Pierre"
"My boys have a great time with Marie-Pierre and learn so much while they play"

"Marie-Pierre Thankyou for the classes this semester. Your classes are fun, providing an enjoyable environment for learning. You have been very patient with I., to which I am also grateful"
July 2017
"Marie-Pierre is a great teacher and friend to my kids, full of passion and energy. My kids enjoy a fantastic time to learn French with fun and joy. I never see my kids enjoy learning so much, very happy"

"We completely love Marie-Pierre's Piou-Piou French Class. The teaching approach is relevant to my child. The teaching materials are very well designed and the class is full of fun. Well done Marie-Pierre! A big thank you!"

"My 4 years old daughter loves attending Marie-Pierre's classes. Marie-Pierre is clearly passionate about teaching French. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her approach to teaching children through songs, games, themes and fun makes for a very engaging and enjoyable learning experience. Thank you so much, Marie-Pierre!"

October 2017

"Marie is an excellent teacher and my daughter enjoys her classes. We have also picked up some tips on playing with our daughter by watching Marie"

"Our child used to scream at us when we spoke to him in French. Thanks to just one term at “Piou Piou” kids, he now actively asks us to say things in French!"

"My son is very comfortable with Marie. Her teaching method is extremely effective and I highly recommend her classes"

                                             December 2017
“Thank you for a wonderful 2017. My daughter has learnt so much from you!”

“Thank you so much for all your hard work with our family learning French this year. We all enjoy your classes and feel a little bit more “Franco-file” each week! Merry Christmas and safe travels”
  1. Babies
    When - school terms Age: up to 18 months Session duration: 30 minutes Group class: Saturday Parent attendance required
  2. Toddlers
    When: school terms Age: up to 3 years Session Duration: 30 minutes Group class: Saturday Parent attendance required
  3. Pre-school Children
    When: school terms Age: from 3 to 5 years old Session Duration: 1 hour Group class: Friday & Saturday Parent attendance strongly recommended
  4. School Terms
    Term 1 - 4 February to 12 April 2019 Term 2 - 29 April to 5 July 2019 Term 3 - 22 July to 27 September 2019 Term 4 - 14 October to 30 December 2019
  5. Pricing
    CHILDCARE 30mn session - $31 1h session - $62 PIOUPIOU (Private) Groups: $21 for 30mn | $31 for 1h session Private: $31 for 30mn | $62 for 1h session
  6. Primary School Children
    When: school terms Age: from 6 to 12 years old Session Duration: 1 hour Levels 1A & 1B - Beginners Level 2 - Intermediate Level 3 - Advanced
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